VIPL is one of the rapidly progressing and enlarging Indian API and Intermediate manufacturing companies. I have always turned positive to the developmental thoughts and complete dedication to enhance the life of my organization in the pharmaceutical segment of industry.

By realizing that we live today in a rapidly evolving global marketplace and an economic environment, VIPL looks forward to new challenges and goals with determination to excel in all that we do. Services and quality products are no longer the parameter for success as these are simply expected in today's demanding marketplace.

We have created a business model focused on earning trust, maintain business transparency and share strong bond of trust with our customers and partners. It is this combination that determines a company's character, its culture of empowerment and a thirst for innovative initiatives and continual improvement.

At VIPL, we pledge to continuously search for better ways to relate to our customers, partners, new markets, new products and above all to serve all our communities. Ecological considerations in pharmaceutical manufacturing and their usage are paramount to VIPL and I shall ensure full compliance of such norms in all activities of the organization.

I cherish a vision to create “a world class pharmaceutical company” in VIPL by 2025.

Rajesh Vasoya