At Vasoya Industries, quality comes first.

Everyone at Vasoya Industries is a steward of quality – from sourcing to formulation, from production to distribution, from data management to accounting. Quality at Vasoya Industries is a mindset that drives us to strive for excellence. Because our employees have a line of sight to the end goal – the work that everyone does, directly or indirectly, benefits the patients who depend on affordable medicines to live healthy and happy lives.

We built our reputation on producing and delivering high quality Intermediate and active pharmaceuticals ingrediants, consistently meeting or exceeding industry practices and global regulatory standards.  Our philosophy has always been to source the premium-grade materials to ensure quality products. We are constantly in search for the best new technological platforms to enhance the patient experience. And, we take great care in preserving this confidence placed in us.

Quality has always been, and will always be, at the heart of everything we do at company name.